About the Warriors

Our Story

It all began when several family friends of Mike Matheny asked him to coach a team of 11 year olds (including his son) in 2006. Fully aware of the challenges that youth sports presents (especially for parents), Mike thought it wise to communicate several points about how parents, players, and coaches would go about business if he were to coach. On a plane flight, Mike took out his computer and five pages later produced what we now know as the Matheny Manifesto. But before it was a manifesto, it was a simple letter read to several families in a St. Louis living room. The parents bought into what Mike laid out and so the first Warrior team was born.

Nobody sitting in the family room set out to build an organization. However, unknowingly to Mike, the letter was posted on the internet and it went viral. The principles laid out in the letter resonated with coaches and parents across the nation.

Several St. Louis families and coaches wanted to be a part of what was taking place so one team turned into 4 teams, which has since grown into 7 teams. Today we have teams ranging from 10u to 17u, and over 70 families represented. We have formed a 501c3, with the primary function being to raise funds to provide the way for every player and coach on the 13u team to make the trip to the Dominican Republic each year. By no means do we have youth baseball figured out, but we have found something that is different and effective. Like many coaches and parents across the US who are paddling in the same direction, we feel that the principles laid out in the Manifesto have the potential to change the tone of youth baseball, if not youth sports.

Our Goals

  1. Develop character in the lives of the young men that play on the Warriors Baseball Club
  2. Teach these young men to play baseball the right way, with class
  3. Develop our players so that they can play at the highest possible level as a team, and at the highest possible individual level after the Warriors Baseball Club
  4. Train up coaches that are effective and inspiring


To glorify God by delivering an excellent baseball experience that focuses on the development of strong character traits in the boys as they grow into young men. This will be achieved through elevated expectations for all players, coaches, and parents.

Core Values

  1. Service

  2. Teamwork

  3. Discipline

  4. Excellence

  5. Responsibility

  6. Leadership



  • A baseball experience focused on the boys.
  • Baseball played the right way…with class.
  • Attitude, Concentration, and Effort (A.C.E.) as factors the boys can control along with excellence as a requirement in these areas.
  • Biblical truths as the moral compass for how things are to be done.
  • A culture of respect from players, parents, and coaches in all areas.
  • The parent’s role is to be a silent source of support.
  • Players take the responsibility to make themselves better.
  • We emphasize the mental aspect of the game and the boys will be challenged in this area.